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Addair Thurston Office Renovation

A renovation of an existing multi-suite office building on a major street but lacking street presence. This project provided needed modifications to the interior layout and exterior look and function to give the building the deserved presence in a prominent business district in the city of Manhattan.


Renovations to the building included removing the non visible nor accessible building entry and relocating it to provide maximum accessibility and visibility. New windows, the removal of ill placed vegetation along with the addition of bold exterior paint, and new exterior signage allow the renovated building to be prominently seen from the street and allow people to both visually and physically engage with the building.


The interior renovation joined the multiple suites into a single cohesive two story office space with private conference room, offices, and ADA restrooms. Daylight was brought into the work space with the new storefront entry, additional windows, and opening the stairwell to visually enhance the interior environment.

The Dusty Bookshelf Remodel


In 2017 The Dusty Bookshelf burned down in a fire that consumed the bookstore and engulfed the historic building it occupied. 


This project was to build out the newly restored historic building shell to suit the needs of the client to move a staple business back into its home of 20 years.


The remodel of The Dusty Bookshelf merged the traditional bookstore environment with a Coffee Cafe. Improvements included adding a baking kitchen, a retail/cafe sales counter nestled into the midst of a cozy bookstore, children's area, along with spaces to relax and enjoy a coffee while working on a laptop. 


The second floor mezzanine included additional small meeting space, offices, and new HVAC ductwork, lighting, and electrical throughout.

Majestic Theatre Renovation

The renovations to the Majestic Theatre in Phillipsburg, Kansas were part of a multi-phase project to improve and upgrade this community-owned theatre.


Phase II included complete renovations to the lobby and concession areas. The concession area was expanded and an eight-foot ceiling was removed to reveal the original 14-foot tin ceiling. The original tin ceiling was then refurbished and reinstalled throughout the lobby and concession area.


New ADA restrooms, storage, fire sprinkler system, office space, and HVAC system were all added during the Phase II renovations.




This project was done while working with

Bruce McMillan AIA Architects P.A. 

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